Case Study: Swappable battery solutions as part of sustainable mobility? Insights into the Smart Battery Innovation Concept

Our world is rapidly changing and, within the goal to implement more sustainable technologies, increasingly electrifying. As Akkodis, we have asked ourselves: how can we make our contribution to shaping a smarter and more sustainable future? As part of the answer to this question, we present the Akkodis Smart Battery innovation concept.

As a result of an internal joint R&D project, we have developed a battery module concept, light enough to be carried by the average person, with a variety of battery chemistries and cell types, which can be used to power larger electronic devices.

In this session, you will:

- Find out more about the Akkodis Smart Battery and how sustainability comes with standardization
- Gain valuable insights into the role of the standardized battery module in our Akkodis smart ecosystem
- Learn about our vision for the e-mobility of the future

Dr. Sascha Harm

Battery Development Engineer